[Get] The Easy Way To Earn Your First Million Online – Nigel Hinds

I believe that anyone, no matter who they are or what they do can earn a 6 figure income using the internet.
Everyone has within them the tools and knowledge to change other people’s lives and earn a substantial income doing it.
I absolutely believe in the principle of working smarter not harder and the internet is the only tool you need to make this happen.


[Download] Top 10 Personal Development Advice – Jordan Belfort

Top 10 Personal Development Advice – Jordan Belfort
1. Vision Focus 00:00
2. Selling is Everything 07:59
3. Belief Systems 09:09
4. Your Standards 16:28
5. Sales And Marketing 22:04
6. Being A Magician 24:04
7. Law Of Attraction 28:37
8. Business Modelling 32:35
9. Two Types Of People 38:01
10. State Management 41:24

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